The world’s most intriguing cemeteries you should visit

In 1822, Buenos Aires decided it needed an official place to put all its dead people, and Recoleta Cemetery was born. For whatever reason, very few people in the graveyard are buried underground. Instead, it’s like an actual city, with streets lined with large, ornate tombs.

Culture Trip says it’s important to pick up a map when you enter because you could easily get lost wandering among the 6,400 vaults, just like in a regular town with houses full of alive people. Each structure is completely original and there are a wide range of architectural styles, from Greek temples to Baroque cathedrals. It’s such an impressive sight that one former grave worker, David Alleno, reportedly saved up his whole life to afford a tomb of his own. He did end up buried there, but Alleno’s ghost is said to haunt the cemetery, so maybe he didn’t like it all that much.

Even more unlucky was Rufine Cambaceres, who was entombed in 1910. But it’s said the 19-year-old was less dead than you’d like to be when put in a coffin. Grave workers reportedly tried to rescue her after hearing her screaming, but it was too late. You can still visit her elaborate tomb.

But the grave most people go to see is Eva “Evita” Perón. The crypt of the former first lady of Argentina and subject of a popular musical is actually kind of boring looking, but it’s “fortified like a nuclear bunker” so her body doesn’t get stolen.

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