The 5-hour rule the most successful people use

The five-hour rule is all about managing your habits. And no matter what, never underestimate how much your seemingly innocuous habits of today impact your future dreams. This is because of the so-called transfer effect, according to CNBC, wherein you develop certain habits that lead to other habits. For a negative example, if you habitually spend your savings when you feel sad, it might lead to you maxing out your credit cards, since you don’t have savings anymore. And everything can quickly go haywire from there. On the positive side, a keystone habit like exercising could lead you to the habit of eating healthy food. So if you read books instead of binging on reality TV, then yes, it will improve your cognition and lead to other new positive habits developing.

This is relevant to your future success story because negative keystone habits weigh down your future like a boulder around your neck, while positive habits do the opposite. Now, according to Business Insider, Thomas Corley differentiates these opposites as “rich” habits and “poor” habits. Those two terms are pretty classist, to be honest, since there are plenty of lazy and/or unhealthy rich people out there, and billions of intensely hard-working people living at the poverty level. Putting the obnoxious wealth-worshiping rhetoric aside, though, the basic notion behind the snowballing of keystone habits makes a lot of sense.

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