Stars who can’t stand Jim Carrey

To say conservative television hosts aren’t a fan of Jim Carrey is an understatement. The actor is particularly loathed by the cast of Fox & Friends, as evidenced by a segment they dedicated to him in March 2018. “There is a double standard,” co-host Ainsley Earhardt complained during the episode about Carrey’s supposed portrait of Sanders (via The Wrap). “Don’t Democrats, don’t they preach and march and protest and have women’s marches and they say ‘tolerance, tolerance, tolerance?’ Where’s the tolerance here?” Earhardt then went in on Carrey, adding: “Her dad was a minister before he became governor and Jim Carrey is attacking her faith too. He says this is a portrait of a so-called Christian.”

Fox Business host Lisa Kennedy Montgomery also took a jab at Carrey during a September 2018 episode, complaining that liberal stars like him and Sean Penn are hypocritical. “Everyone wants to be liked. It’s a basic human impulse for some of you and that explains the turn-on-a-dime hypocrisy from people Jim Carrey and Sean Penn,” she stated (via The Wrap).

The conservative commentator then likened “being cool” to “heroin,” claiming, “Once you get high you spend the rest of your life chasing that fleeting feeling. And what’s cooler than pretending you hate money and giving away someone else’s stuff under the guise of fairness?”

Oh boy, it’s obvious there’s no love lost here.

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