Leah Messer’s Daughter Rushed to Hospital Amid Frightening Health Concerns

It you’re a longtime Teen Mom 2 fan, then you’re no doiubt aware that frightening health issues are sadly commonplace in Leah Messer’s household.

Leah’s daughter Ali suffers from muscular dystrophy and sadly, her condition has been deteriorating in recent years.

This time, however, it was Leah’s youngest — 6-year-old Addie — that had fans offering their prayers and support on social media.

Leah posted the above photo of Addie at the hospital, along with a caption reading:

“Even though she’s sick she was making everyone laugh in the ER. WHAT. A. DAY. Keep our girl in your prayers!”

Leah didn’t go into a tremendous amount of detail about her daughter’s condition, but she did reveal that Addie is suffering from an infection and being treated with antibiotics.

Some sort of emergency incident led Leah to rush Addie to the hospital, but Messer did not offer any specifics in that regard.

Hey, even reality stars are entitled to be keep certain events of their life private — and their children’s health certainly falls under that category.

In her Instagram Stories, Leah posted a photo in which Addie appeared to be feeling better and playing a videogame.

“My baby,” she affectionately cooed in the clip.

“Underneath her ear’s swollen, like all of this right here,” Leah added, indicating the glands behind Addie’s ear. “It hurts her.”

Leah’s ex and Addie’s dad, Jeremy Calvert, was also on hand.

He posted yet another hospital pic of Addie, along with a caption reading:

“Hospital with this little one all day, I hope my baby girl starts feeling better… #daddysgirl #mybabygirl #addie.”

In other Leah news, Messer recently broke up with Jason Jordan, her on-again, off-again boyfriend of almost a year.

Insiders say Jason has done everything in his power to try and win Leah back, but she’s simply not having it.

That’s probably for the best, as it looks like Leah has enough on her plate these days.

Here’s hoping thatn Addie will make a full recovery and return home soon — and that Leah’s life will soon become a bit more drama-free. 

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