The Walking Dead Recap: Winter Is Here!

Sunday’s season finale of The Walking Dead was a slow-paced installment that showed viewers how our heroes braved their toughest winter yet.  The episode kicked off with a stunning revelation: The Kingdom was no more, and had fallen in the aftermath of Alpha butchering over ten individuals from the communities.  With a […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Michonne Killed WHO?!

After years of circling the drain, The Walking Dead is very much watchable again.  Who would have guessed it? Not us.  Sunday’s episode of the AMC smash was  Michonne centric hour that gave us some much-needed insight into why the sword-wielding beauty was so against bringing new people into Alexandria.  The […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Henry Proves He’s the WORST

Who knew that starting a love story in a post-apocalyptic world with people from two very different factions would result in The Walking Dead being better than ever? Sunday’s episode picked up with Alpha grilling her daughter, Lydia for information about the Hilltop, but the teenager did not want to give up too […]

The Walking Dead Recap: Who’s Pregnant?

The Walking Dead returned to the air Sunday night, and it was an hour that was filled with twists and a whole lot of zombie goodness.  A lot was left up in the air after the shock death of Jesus at the hands of The Whisperers, but one of the more pressing questions […]