The Curse of La Llorona ending explained

Once Anna is certain that she and her family are in grave danger, the faith healer and shaman, Rafael, becomes a key component in fighting against La Llorona. After leaving the priesthood, Rafael turned to alternative, more naturalistic ways of healing and helping people. His supplies are not communion wafers and wine but tinctures and […]

Best to worst dressed stars at Coachella 2019

Olivia Culpo solidified herself as the queen of Coachella when she showed up to the Revolve Party on April 14, 2019. The former Miss Universe wore a cozy romper in a mustard shade that looked perfect against the desert backdrop. She paired her one-piece with a brown suede, golden-buckled belt and a pair of nude, mid-calf boots. […]

The best TV shows of 2019

One of the most beloved series of all time — and the pioneering anthology that set the stage for shows like American Horror Story and Black Mirror — it was inevitable that The Twilight Zone would get another reboot eventually. It’s only fitting that Jordan Peele, the auteur behind Get Out and Us, would be the […]

Here’s how Palpatine in Episode 9 could be possible

Palpatine has already come back from the dead once. In Dark Empire, a trilogy of miniseries published by Dark Horse Comics in the early ’90s, the Emperor returns about five years after The Return of the Jedi by transferring his consciousness into a clone body. In fact, as Luke Skywalker quickly learns, Palpatine created an […]

Twitter reacts to Game of Thrones season 8

HBO Game of Thrones fans have been living off scraps for over a year and a half now, but the long wait for answers is finally over. The eighth and final season of HBO’s high fantasy juggernaut got underway in April 2019, and the arrival of winter in Westeros did not disappoint.  The Twittersphere always experiences […]

Why The Incredible Hulk 2 never happened

The first part of Hulk’s “sequel” was neatly nestled into the center of the third film in the Thor franchise, Thor: Ragnarok. The Taika-Waititi-directed film masterfully rebooted the God of Thunder’s storyline. But it also managed to deliver some brutally poetic justice to the long-neglected saga of the Green Goliath by bringing elements of one […]

The untold truth of Robert Downey Jr.

He may be best known as genius, billionaire, playboy, philanthropist Tony Stark, but Robert Downey, Jr. isn’t as big on technology as this on-screen superhero. “I am like those guys that dressed up like chimpanzees in the opening sequence of A Space Odyssey,” he jokingly told GQ in 2016. “People who can type, they’re like Merlin.” […]

The real reason Wendy Williams is getting a divorce

Despite allegedly trying to control Wendy Williams’ every move, some sources say Kevin Hunter is the one who wanted a divorce. “[Hunter] has wanted to separate so that they would be free to live their own lives,” a source told Us Weekly. “Wendy has begged Kevin to stay with her. It’s been a very long, […]

The ending of Hellboy explained

As the film batters, burns, and blasts its way towards a conclusion, we come to learn that Hellboy is, in fact, a descendant of King Arthur himself. In fact, he’s the spawn of a a ne’er-do-well demon and a sprightly witch named Sarah Hughes, also of Arthurian descent. This exposition is revealed by none other […]