Why we’re worried about Meghan and Harry’s marriage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly met on a blind date through a mutual friend. However, their romance moved quickly — so quickly, in fact, that there may have been some overlap between their exes and each other, which doesn’t necessarily build the sturdiest foundation for a marriage.  According to the Daily Mail, the Duke of […]

What’s come out about the Tony Robbins scandal

In May 2019, BuzzFeed News reported that several of Tony Robbins’ former staffers accused him of sexual harassment, including alleged unwanted advances (some repeat), and allegedly appearing nude in front of staffers. A former personal assistant of Robbins, using the pseudonym “J,” alleged that she had a consensual sexual relationship with Robbins while he was married […]

Twitter reacts to the 2019 NBA Draft

The NBA Draft is a chance for teams to find the next LeBron James or a hidden gem to hopefully take their franchise to the next level. At the 2019 NBA Draft, that aired on June 20 at Barclays Center in Brooklyn, N.Y., all eyes were on Duke’s freshman phenom, Zion Williamson (we mean, C’MON). […]

The most disastrous acting from non-actors

Long before his retirement from professional basketball and before he started hanging out with North Korean despots, former pro basketball player Dennis Rodman achieved the dream most ball players aspire to when joining the NBA — he co-starred in an action comedy with Jean-Claude Van Damme. Released in 1997, Double Team features Rodman as the arms dealer […]

Lines in MCU movies that mean more than you realized

Another important line that comes from Tony Stark in Avengers: Age of Ultron is short, sweet, and incredibly far-reaching. When the Avengers team discovers that Stark has inadvertently created Ultron while trying to put his “suit of armor around the world,” the team goes back and forth over the issue. The conversation peaks when Stark […]

Unseen moments from The 2019 MTV & TV Movie Awards

Following the MTV Movie Awards, the men of The Hills left their ladies at home and hit the town for a good old boys night. Well, except for Justin Bobby Brescia because, if you haven’t guessed, he still hasn’t settled down. Nonetheless, he enjoyed a not-so-lowkey night out on the town with his dudes while […]

Small details we noticed in You Need to Calm Down

We’re not sure just how many feuds Swift aimed to end in her “You Need to Calm Down” music video, but her 2015 fight with Nicki Minaj might be one of them. In the video, Swift references a number of major pop stars — including Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Lady Gaga, Adele, Katy Perry, Beyonce […]

Twitter reacts to Gloria Vanderbilt’s death

Heiress and fashion icon Gloria Vanderbilt died of stomach cancer on June 17, 2019 surrounded by friends and family. She was 95. The mother of CNN’s Anderson Cooper, the former socialite dabbled in acting before taking the fashion industry by storm in the 70s and 80s with her signature Vanderbilt designer jeans. As expected, many […]