The Once Upon a Time in Hollywood cast looks familiar

Another Empire alum, Mike Moh plays legendary martial artist and movie star Bruce Lee in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, a real dream come true for him. Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter about the role, Moh (who was born in the States but is of Korean descent) revealed that Lee was a childhood hero. “As a kid growing up […]

Gross things celebrities actually did in public

Miley Cyrus certainly isn’t afraid to take chances during her performances, and she seems willing to push any and all boundaries when she’s entertaining an enthusiastic audience. However, her onstage antics might have gone a step too far during the singer’s Bangerz Tour in 2014. While chatting with the crowd in Tampa, Fla., she took […]

Why we’re worried about Meghan and Harry’s marriage

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly met on a blind date through a mutual friend. However, their romance moved quickly — so quickly, in fact, that there may have been some overlap between their exes and each other, which doesn’t necessarily build the sturdiest foundation for a marriage.  According to the Daily Mail, the Duke of […]

What’s come out about the Tony Robbins scandal

In May 2019, BuzzFeed News reported that several of Tony Robbins’ former staffers accused him of sexual harassment, including alleged unwanted advances (some repeat), and allegedly appearing nude in front of staffers. A former personal assistant of Robbins, using the pseudonym “J,” alleged that she had a consensual sexual relationship with Robbins while he was married […]

Jana Duggar: Is She Finally Ready to Settle Down?

If you’re a fan of her family’s reality show, then you’re no doubt aware that Jana Duggar is single. The 29-year-old’s alleged difficulties in finding Mr. Right are not prominently featured on the show, but you can’t wander into one of the Duggar-obsessed corners of social media without running into a debate about […]