Annabelle 3 gets title, teaser, new release date

Home is where the abject terror is. Warner Brothers and New Line have finally announced the title for the third entry in the Annabelle series, and it is as simple as it is ominous: Annabelle Comes Home. A very short, detail-free teaser trailer has also been released, revealing the flick’s new release date of June 28, pushed […]

The untold truth of Big Bang

If you’ve ever seen a Big Bang music video, then you’ll have some idea of how intense the concerts can be. The guys go at a high tempo, singing, rapping, and dancing, often in perfect synchronization. Some of the dance routines have been called into question by concerned members of the fan base, however, with […]

Why Disney rehired James Gunn for GotG 3

According to the Deadline report that broke the story, the exciting news of Gunn’s rehiring is not a new development, at least internally. The decision was apparently made months ago, with Walt Disney Studios chairman Alan Horn taking multiple meetings with the embattled director to talk over ways to potentially return to the fold. In the […]

Mama June & BF Geno Doak Arrested

On Wednesday, Mama June was involved in a domestic dispute with boyfriend Geno Doak. TMZ reports police were called to an Alabama gas station, where Mama June and Geno were arrested. Geno was taken into custody for domestic violence/harassment, felony possession of a controlled substance and drug paraphernalia, while June was arrested for felony possession […]

Strange things about Alec Baldwin’s marriage

Perhaps Alec Baldwin doesn’t have much game when it comes to flirting, but his creepy tactic worked on Hilaria Thomas Baldwin when he approached her at a New York City restaurant in 2011. Hilaria told Hello! magazine, “Alec kept looking over at me the whole time.”  When he finally got up to leave the restaurant, […]

The most messed-up action movie moments

Being a superhero isn’t easy. That’s a lesson David Lizewski (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) learns the hard way when he puts on a skintight suit and becomes the teenage vigilante known as Kick-Ass. Sure, an accident left him nearly impervious to pain, but when you mess with the Mafia long enough, sooner or later, you’re going to […]

Nikki Sixx’s tragic real-life story

1988 was perhaps the most infamous year for Motley Crue and Nikki Sixx. The peak of both their popularity and the bassist’s heroin addiction, the year was full of rowdiness, health scares, canceled concerts, and trouble with law. On top of all this chaos, a man called Matthew Trippe emerged with a strange story. Louder […]